Can't to Get selector Oracle Applications

I want to get selector from Oracle App, but I could not
I installed Java Access Bridge
Also I configured All option to use Java aplication uith Uipath

The same I got one Selector for All Screen


tahnk you in advance

When you are sure it doesnt work, you can use Computer Vision activities or even Image activities…

Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA in the past I was able to make some interactions within Oracle applications, it is very challenging to build the selectors, so it is very unstable. With enough effort you can build the selectors, at first it is frustrating, I haven’t tried to use computer vision on Oracle applications.

Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA
Is J@v@ extension inst@lled or use UIExplorer

@shwin S

Hi @bcorrea,
Yes, I use Images Activities, but my client wants to use selectors.
now, we can’t use Computer vision because we need to the Api …

thank you for you all

I succeeded to select elements from oracle application

what was your solution tho?

I installed again Java Extention via UiPath Tools.
and I remplaced UiPathV8.jar existed in my folder with this one
And I change the version of my package to the 19.7.0

but it did not work the first time


ok, thx for sharing so others can try the same.

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