Different pdf to excel

Hi @sateesh_kappala,
Refer the given below link :

This link may help you,

Can you send this pdf?

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When i am trying extract data from pdf to excel extracted some data and missing some data by using intelligent ocr, regex based ,and all activity 's in the document but data was missing like invoice number, invoice date …solve my issue

@sateesh_kappala, It’s Scanned PDF ah ?

No downloaded invoice bill

@sateesh_kappala, then you can use Read PDF Activity

how can i convert data set to data table

how to give regex based expression for extractor

@sateesh_kappala, Share the PDF and I will do for regex.
Please list down the column what you want in the PDF?

sorry .I cant share pdf because of some confidential issues.I text some some data is it possible write the expression?

same as well as i want list of items,Quantity, Unitcost, AmountRestaurant_1.pdf (74.3 KB)

@sateesh_kappala , Its Scanned PDF , So We have to use OCR Engine and PDF is not clear text . Please refer the attachment PDF , xaml & Pdfout file for the same.
ReadPDF.xaml (5.2 KB) Restaurant_1.pdf (74.3 KB) Restaurant_Pdfout.txt (702 Bytes)