Data extract from Different Pdf files to excel

I have multiple number of pdf files and have looped them to extract data into excel sheet but not extract the data.Could you explain step by step,give me examples of steps also.

check this


how to write data from data set to excel

can you be more specific please

I have extracted multiple pdf data to multiple excel .I want to extracted data write in single excel.I tried but data set not converted to excel error shown .please solve my issue.

which error are you getting? cannot be converted to string

you are assign that data to a String variable, this variable should be in this type System.Data.DataSet

how can i convert ?

Dataset to excel


where can i use these option please mention it ?

when i was created variable i had used data set variable type

moment, are you get the data from a excel, right? why you aren’t using the read range

i had used read range also

My question how can i write extracted data from data set variable to single excel sheet