Reading certain data from multiple PDF files and transfer it to Excel

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I am having trouble with my current project as i do not understand how to select a certain data from a PDF using either PDF Activities or OCR Activities. What i am trying to get here is for example if you look at the PDF given, I want to get the name, which is “Bernard Teo Jun Hang” and place the name inside the excel. I have multiple of these files so inside my workflow there will be a For Each Activity. From what I understand, that is needed so that I can open multiple files and will see more than just one row for my output inside the excel file.

PDFtoExcelMain.xaml (6.3 KB)
Bernard Teo_JAF.pdf (75.7 KB)

We can use normal READ PDF or READ PDF with OCR where pass the file path of this pdf and get the output with a variable of type string named str_input
—now use either Regex or Split method to get the value or specific data we want like
for example to get the Name value

Like wise we can get but before using this we need to make sure how the string output is obtained from the pdf activities
Use writeline activity and mention the input as str_input so that we will be able to see the output string in output panel

If possible kindly share that screenshot
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Is there any good example of how to use Regex?

It’s purely based on the input and differ with respect to the same buddy
To implement the Regex expression made and to validate them use this link

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