Read data from multiple text file and create a consolidated excel sheet


I want to read data from multiple text file and create a consolidated excel sheet. I have attached sample text file. I need the output data in different sheets. Each sheet contains similar data from different text files.textfile_03Jul19.pdf (4.3 KB)

Hi buddy @renjutom
i m not able to load the pdf
no worries
–In order to read a pdf file we can use
Read PDF activity if there are no images from where text are to be retrieved
if we have any images and we need to geet the text from it means we need to use
Read PDF OCR activity

–and to enter thee data to a excel
we can use excel application scope activity and use a write cell or write range activity

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Sorry for making more complications. I have multiple text file as input(.txt files). I need to create a consolidated excel sheet with selected data in that text files. I have attached sample data in a text file and I have 20 other text files with similar data. I need to create an excel sheet with the data from all text files.


Please find attached sample output excel sheet also.

Can anyone help me on this please?

Does anyone could help in this situation? Im facing the same scenario.
Thank you all in advance.