Conversion of pdf invoice into excel

hi team,
wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)
from the above i want to filter only tales… how can we extract that.

Hi @amala443,
You can open PDF in adobe and perform datascrapping.

Hi @amala443,

The way round, You can also download the UiPath.PDF.Activities package and use “Read pdf” activity. This will give you the text from PDF in a String. This will not require you to open PDF in adobe as this activity will read PDF from background. Once you have all the PDF data in String, You can manipulate the String using String functions and extract the desired data. :slight_smile:

You can refer this.

@amala443 try like this use read pdf text activity and use the regex to get the required data and prepare Data table and then insert into to that and then write into excel.

thank you

thank you all