Get Outlook Mail Message Activity picking the Primary Account in Outlook

I created a workflow where the bot will read emails from an outlook account. I am using Get Outlook Mail Message Activity and my configurations are as follows.


Initially I inserted my email address to input property Account ( and string value “Inbox” to input property MailFolder. Then it was throwing The specified folder does not exist error.

I followed sugeestions made in following UiForum link Get outlook mail messages : The specified folder does not exist

The solution was to remove the email address from the input property Account and leave the MailFolder as “Inbox”. This solved the issue. But I am wondering following scenario.

Lets assume I have two mail accounts configured in my Outlook App. Configuring Get Outlook Mail Message Activity as above is leading the bot to read only mails from Primary Account. Is there any way to make the bot to read mails from other accounts as well?

One possible solution might be changing the primary account to the account the bot will access. But I am curious to find whether there exist any other alternatives?

I tried inserting following value to MailFolder with reference to an answer provided in above UiForum link which also ended in same error.

MailFolder ---->\Inbox ( is not the primary account)

Can anyone suggest any possible ideas?

If you provide the value in account , it will work but I don’t understand why it is not picking the mails for you. Can you try giving the value of your secondary mail again with some different folder name?

@nsiva Can you try to insert the exact value in Account property, account name is case sensitive.


Check this, maybe the account name is wrong:

just found the source of the problem. Try this: Control Panel → Mail (32-bit) →
email tab. The “name” field of the email account is what you need to use in the “Send Outlook Mail” activity,
NOT necessarily your email address.

The issue was input property Account being case sensitive. For example if my account name is, it should not be provided like, ABC.BOT@XYZ.LK etc. The exact account name should be given.

Thank you @velanchandru. This was the issue.

Hi @srdjan.suc, it didn’t worked with my account name as well. For example account name could be something like ABC Bot for a email id of Specifying it as ABC Bot also giving the same error. But however we can find the exact email account name by following your steps (Control Panel → Mail(32 bit)). Issue can be fixed by giving account value as exactly mentioned in the email tab (case sensitive).

Thanks @srdjan.suc

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Thanks for your reply @HareeshMR. The issue was account value being case sensitive.

@nsiva you are always welcome , Happy to help:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Great :slight_smile: @nsiva … Glad you got the solution

No problem.
Mark it down as a solution so other people see it faster :slight_smile:

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