How to configure another person e-mail address, while using send outlook mail message activity

Hi, i’m new to UiPath
My understanding was when i use Send Outlook mail message Activity to send e-mail, by default my e-mail details will be shown to end user.
How to configure other person e-mail address, to shown that to end user in uipath ?

any help is much appreciated.

Hi @Sudhir_P

We have an Properties called SentOnBehalfOfName in Send Outlook Mail Properties pass the Email as String in that !

  • SentOnBehalfOfName - The display name of the sender of the mail message. This field supports only strings and String variables.


thank you for responding.
But, the received e-mail has my Name and mentioned on Behalf of(e-mail details which i want use).

I want receiver should not see my details, only other e-mail details.

Hi @Sudhir_P

I think it would be not possible!

Looping @ppr @Yoichi @Palaniyappan For Further suggestion based on your Query!


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If you can access account of another person, you can send email from the account with SendOutlook MailMessage activty.
If you can achieve it by some manipulations to the outlook application, might be able to achieve it to use UiAutomation (Click TypeInto etc)


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maybe using send exchange mail message and setting From & Name property can help


Let me try to keep it very simple
The thing is if we are using outlook activity it will send the mail based on what is configured in your outlook
If your account is set as default one to send mails then bot sends through the same
If any other account is set as default then it reflects the same

There is one more way with outlook activity with INPUT property. Where we have ACCOUNT and SENDONBEHALFOFNAME which will send through the account been specified and display with sender name mentioned


To make it very easy and if you know the credentials of another account the one you want to get displayed to end user then go for SEND EXCHANGE MAIL activity where you can pass the username and password of that account so that bot will send the mail from that account through exchange server
It is not connected with outlook configured in your machine and it will work even if outlook is not installed in your machine

As simple as that

Cheers @Sudhir_P

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Thank you everyone for reply and advice., :clap:

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