Different between SMTP, Outlook and IMAP

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Can you help me to understand the different between SMTP, Outlook and IMAP and in which scenario we can use that ? please add if any other activities apart from these


You should go through it
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Send Outlook Mail Message (uipath.com)

Hi @Aleem_Khan,

To explain briefly, SMTP is the protocol used to send mail, and IMAP is the protocol used to read mail.

POP3 is the latest version of POP. If you have a single server where you keep mails, this protocol will work for you. You should use IMAP while reading mail from many servers.

Outlook doesn’t care about them, since it is an application, it will choose the protocols it is connected to for you. That’s why it includes get and send functions. Of course, you need to have outlook installed to use it. This means licensing costs.

I am also attaching the link for more details.



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Thanks and really appreciate your input it clear my doubt.

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