UI PATH RPA ,can anyone answer of these Below questions

  1. Difference between POP and IMAP?
  2. How do you deal with lots of data in excel?
  3. Difference between element exist and find element?
  4. What is Global handler?
    can anyone answer of these above questions

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Hi @Divya_Sharma

Sorry for the late reply

Please read the article below to know the difference between the protocols.

In layman terms POP is rather very simple. It gives us option to download the mails from the server to our local computer. It doesn’t provide us more functionality other than that.
In terms of UiPath, just look at the property section of both the activities and you will understand. IMAP has other functionalities like choosing the folder to look for mails into, marking read mail as read/unread, specifying the top unread mail count, using filter to get mails. So one wants to use these functionalities while getting the one should use IMAP.

Quantify ‘lots of data’ in terms of rows, columns and size. Uipath is capable of handling large excel files. I have worked with 600K rows, 150 cols and file size of 500 MB. You are suggested to use Excel Application scope while reading and writing large excel files. After reading the files perform the operation on data table using LINQ as it is fast and capable of handling large data tables.

Refer the UiPath documentation for this:

Find Element- Waits for the specified UI element to appear on the screen (to be in the foreground) and returns it as a UiElement variable. If you want to find out if an element is enabled or not

Element Exist - Enables you to verify if a UI element exists, even if it is not visible.

Watch this video:

Varun Kumar

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thank you for answering and thanks for your quick reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Divya_Sharma

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