Difference Computer Vision and Get Visible text


what is difference between Computer Vision and Get Visible Text activity.

using computer vision when extract table it will consider image and convert to text format.

so what about Get Visible text when extract table it will consider image or text

Minal patil

Hi @minal.patil

You can read about the Get Visible Text Activity from the documentation

According to documentation - Get Visible Text Activity extracts a string and its information from an indicated UI element using the Native screen scraping method.

To know about Native Screen Scraping Method

To extract text from image, OCR is used and not the Native Method (Get Visible Text)

Hello @minal.patil

Get visinle text works with the selector which you are indicating. So whatever text visible in that ui elemet gets extracted to a string variable.

Computer vision is another concept which can be used if yoj cannot directly interact with the ui elements. So system can recognize the elements as humans can identify.

Hello @minal.patil

Computer Vision

  • It first identifies all UI elements on the screen(that is where CV screen scope comes into picture) then starts extracting the data
  • It mostly uses Anchor (it takes some other UI element as a reference) to identify then actual UI element

Get Visible Text

  • It only identifies the highlighted element then starts extraction

I guess either CV or Get Visible Text does not considers extracted data as image. It treats as UI element and it extracts the data what it can that stores in a string type

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