Scrapping data using computer vision

this is the application that is inside my VM. I am trying to scrape some data from the screen like VPOS host mode and host status. I am trying using computer vision to GEt text from the application shown in the screenshot but not successful. CAn you help me with the extraction?

@shashank_dullu, have you installed UiPath on the VM as well? maybe try using computer vision to scrape the entire screen not using the get CV text activity.

Try using the “Get OCR Text” activity, this will get text from the entire screen then use Regex or string manipulation to get the desired text.

Also try screen recorder, i am sure it will work fine, in this instance. otherwise you can try the “get visible text” activity as well see what it returns.

i Am using get Cv text as mentioned in the above screen need these data to scrap but it is not working .

@shashank_dullu, how is it not working?, is it returning nothing, is it throwing an error?

and if thats not working try using the options i mensioned

Computer vision activity is returning null.
And other OCR Activity not getting desired result .

@shashank_dullu, are you familier with Screen Recording?

@SenzoD - Yes I am familier with it .
I have even tried native Citrix recording but it’s pulling the VM details not the application details.

@shashank_dullu, this sounds complicated man, can you tag the Uipath Stuff members or Community Leaders or MVPs to this issue, I’m sure they will have a better solution.

@SenzoD- Can you help me with that how to tag them . is the below tagged right?
@Community_Moderators .

@shashank_dullu, yes thats correct

@Community_Moderators - can someone help me for my issue.

@SenzoD – CAn you help me with CV get text activity .while it is returning NULL in my case.