Difference Between Get Text And Get Visible Text

What is the major difference between Get Text activity and Get Visible activity in UiPath Clasic Activity while data scraping

  • Use Get Text when you need to extract text regardless of its visibility, such as hidden text or text within elements that are not currently displayed on the screen.
  • Use Get Visible Text when you want to extract only the text that is currently visible to the user within the specified UI element.

Hi @Yogeesh_G

Get Text: Useful when you need to extract specific text from an element irrespective of its visibility. It is useful regardless of whether the text is visible or hidden.

Get Visible Text: Useful when you want to extract data that is currently displayed and visible.

Hi @Yogeesh_G

  • Get Text Activity:
    • Purpose: Used to extract text from a specific UI element, regardless of whether it’s visible on the screen or not.
    • Eg: Ideal when you need to grab the text content of a particular element on a webpage or application.
  • Get Visible Text Activity:
    • Purpose: Designed to extract text only if it’s currently visible on the screen.
    • Eg: Useful when dealing with elements that might be scrolled out of view, ensuring you only capture text that is currently visible.

In short, “Get Text” gets text from a specific element, while “Get Visible Text” focuses on getting text only if it’s visible on the screen, making it handy for dynamic web pages or applications with scrollable content.

Hope you understand!!