Get Visible Text underlying technology


My colleague and I have been discussing how Get Visible Text works, and we both know that it uses Native methods of acquiring data and only works with apps that are built to render text with a graphics device interface.

We did an experiment to see if the Get Visible Text activity was capable of getting white text on a white background in a text-based application. In this instance we used Wordpad to attempt this.

The result was that Get Visible Text was not able to get the white text on white background, but Get Full Text was capable of getting the data, as expected. To our understanding, Native cannot be ran in the background, and the data must be visible on the screen. The confusion came in when we tried to explain this concept to each other, and realised that it may be using a hybrid mix of Selectors and OCR to acquire the data…?

Could someone explain in some detail how the technology is actually implemented/utilised? Have we totally misunderstood? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Chester_Gardner

Can you share screenshot of your white text

ashwin S

I’m not sure that will achieve anything. I can send you a screenshot of white text on white background in Wordpad, but you won’t see anything…


You have already found the answer for this buddy

That is and yah they cannot extract the screen coordinates of the text
So it true relies on its visibility like how a human looks and recognise

But this was made possible with COMPUTER VISION activities
Kindly have a view on that

Cheers @Chester_Gardner