Difference between various queue options

Can you please help me to understand difference between below 4 options ? It is being asked in interview very frequently and very critical to know difference between them. It will be great if you can share where can we use which approach with example.

  1. Add queue item
  2. Add transaction item
  3. Get queue items
  4. Get transaction item

Hi @ashwini.magar92 ,

In brief,

  1. Add queue item - This activity add queue item with status New
  2. Add transaction item - This activity add queue item with status In Progress
  3. Get queue items - This activity help to retrieve all queue item on the basis of Status
  4. Get transaction item - This activity helps to get single queue item whose status in ‘New’ in queues.

Thanks Manoj.
I am trying to understand which activity should be used in which scenario ? Any example will be helpful to explain from interview perspective.

Hi @ashwini.magar92

You can also refer to more details in the following link…

Check other activities through the left side panel of the documentation page

ok let me try one more time :grinning:

  1. Add queue item - Let’s take example where you want to add some data from tracker and also want to track each item. In this case you can use Add to queue feature which will help to track each record on queue level from Status New to Pending,failed with business or system exception.
  2. Add transaction item - This is used to add items with ‘Inprogress’ status instead of new, i have not exactly used in any of my project so i am not sure where exactly we can utilize it.
  3. Get queue items - Ex1 -This used when you have a situation where you need to check items before adding it to queue whether it is present already in queue or not. This activity will retrieve all items from queue and put it in collection where further you can iterate it.
    Ex2 - When we work on newly added items and bot get faulted so those items will remain in queue now you can use this activity to retrieve New or Pending item from queue and mark it as Business exception as you don’t want when again bot run it should add these items twice.
    This is the case when you not checked unique property of queue.
  4. Get transaction item - You can refer the same example given for 1st point only difference is this will process the items that get added to queue.


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