Error activating the Community Edition

Installer(.exe or .msi): .exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): free

I have installed UiPath for the first time yesterday and am getting the below error when I try to activate the Community edition license. Please help.

Activation failed with error: 0
Error description: Cannot use Community Edition on this machine after activating a trial or Enterprise license code. Please enter a valid license key.
License status: Device ID already activated

Device ID: Yxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Computer: Lxxxxxxxxxxx
User Name: xxxxxxxxxxx


Please refer -

Karthik Byggari

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Sorry, but this does not help. The error that I am getting is mentioned as an expected behavior for cases where the trial or enterprise edition was earlier installed.

As I have mentioned in my post, I am using UIPath for the very first time ad only installed it yesterday. Still I am getting this error.

Please help.


I doubt, if it was the first time CE being installed in this device because the error message shows that your device ID already activated, which this happens only if you have used a trial activation before, so you can try to reach out to the support team to extend your license, which they will only do having you provided a valid reason, or you can ask them to release your Device ID from the system and you also have to explain the reason why.

This is really very disappointing. Surely you UiPath would have records that can verify when I downloaded and activated UiPath.

Please do let me know how do I contact support and if there is one available for CE.


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As suspected, no support available for CE.

I guess the only option available to me then is to abandon learning UiPath, unless anyone has a better suggestion.


In the link I send you, the is a form that you fill to log you query they will get back to you, or can email them on, Please use your Work mail ID not personal

Thanks a lot for your time and help.