Deployment of UiPath

I have a work flow created in my desktop. If i need to deploy the same in customer environment, i understand that the code needs to be published. Once the package is published, we need only Orchestrator installed in customer environment. Correct me if I am wrong and let me know if UiPath studio is also required to be installed in the machine.

Well it all depends on your needs.
If your robot is only doing GUI automation then you will have to need only FOR(Front Office license) in the production environment to run it.

if your robot is performing background running and unattended automation then you have to use Orchestrator to run it in clients environment or in production system.
So first get idea from all available posts on the forum about Attended and Unattended Robots and take your decision.

and Studio is only for development and debug purpose. on production system no need of it.


Thank you. Its back office bot.

Then Orchestrator will be good.
In both cases there will be no need of Uipath studio from version 2017.1.* onward. just make sure UiRobot Service should be there.

Just a quick confirmation to know if my understanding is correct. So, all we need is only Orchestrator in Customer environment? Doesn’t UiRobot comes with UiPath studio? Please let me know how to get UiRobot alone in customer environment?

Till 2016.2.* it was coming in a bundle of Uipath Studio + UiRobot but from Version 2017.1.* Uipath installer comes with entire UiPath suite i.e. (Uipath Studio + UiPath Robot + Orchestrator)

please note that the UiPath Orchestrator component is not displayed if you do not launch the installer as an administrator from the command line and if IIS 7+ is not installed on the machine.

All can be install as a standalone. i mean you can only install uipath Robot or combinations of other options as well.

For example to install only robot service on the client machine. you can only select Uipath Robot component from advanced installation wizard.




Thank you for the update

I have constructed the bot and tested in my desktop. The bot being back office bot, Can you please let us know which among the below licenses have to be purchased if it has to be deployed in the customer environment?

  1. UiPath Studio
  2. UiPath back office run time
  3. UiPath Orchestrator

From the above conversation, I believe we require only option 2 and 3. Please confirm