Deployment of Bots in Production Environment example

I have been frequently asked in interview that how many Bots you have deployed in Production and explain any challeges faced till now?

I have bit less experience in this process, can anyone please help to explain any such scenario with one example where challeganes faced while deploying to Production and how it’s fixed ?


The challenges that most of them would have faced is
—deploying a process in a machine which already has a process running in it
So in that we need to make the machine and it’s robot a HIGH DENSITY ROBOT which will help the bot to run multiple processes in same machine.
For more details

—second one is multiple process uses the same queue at a time

Multiple bots can operate or pick up transactions from a queue but a single bot will pick up a transaction and will process this transaction through to the end. The status of the transaction will then be updated depending on whether it was a success or failure for that single transaction. Then the Bot will move on to the next transaction in the queue.

— bot should get triggered when an input is provided
In that case bot can be split into Dispatcher and performer where dispatcher is scheduled to run for every 5-10 times or to the time interval we need which will update the queue item
There is one option in queue called queue trigger which we can use to trigger the performer bot the moment when nee queue item is added

And there are many but these came to my suddenly

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thanks @Palaniyappan

@jeevith Can you please help with few scenarios which can be explained in interview?