Queue Trigger and Robot Mapping in High Density Bots


In the automation cloud when the Queue trigger is created, there is no provision to select specific bots to run the process in high-density robots setup in VM.

For example, If we want to allocate 2 bots out of 4 bots in high-density robots to run the jobs in Queue Trigger, currently the robot account mapping is not available.

This is a limitation in utilizing the bots for other processes.

Does anyone know the workaround for this limitation?


Hi @vijayakumarkj

When creating your Queue Trigger, you can assign a priority to the queue items. By adjusting the priority of the queue items, you can indirectly control which high-density robots pick up the jobs. Higher priority items are typically processed before lower priority items, so you can assign a higher priority to the items you want specific bots to handle.