Can we run different processes using the bot at the same time?


While executing the process/ using bot
Can we use the robot to run more then more processes(2 or more processes) at the same time??

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No, but the bot can switch between processes. For example, if you start an attended bot, and all of the attended steps are completed, the bot can switch to an unattended process.

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I went through some links and came across the topic High Density Robots
Don’t have much information on the topic yet but it says that Different process can be processed at the same time.

Can you please clearify
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Hey @Anthony_Humphries

We have 2 or more bots, Can they process different processes at the same time?

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Different processes can be run at the same time, but this requires multiple bots. A bot actively handles one process at a time. That said, the bot can be set up to run multiple processes in a row once one or more are completed.

High density machines are for using multiple robots on one machine, each with their own credentials to the machine.


Without using High density robots there is no other way?

Can I get some more information on High Density Robots/Machine?

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I won’t say there’s not another way to run multiple bots on one machine, but it’s the only way I’m aware of, and the method with the best-documented support.

More can be found here:

Hey @Anthony_Humphries

Also can we have this flexibility of using it in the community edition of the software or should we use the licensed one??

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It depends on your needs. The Community edition offers Orchestrator with 1 unattended bot and 2 attended bots for free. The Enterprise Edition will gives you options, such as a Cloud Orchestrator (much like the Community version, but it would be your own dedicated cloud), on premise, and the ability to purchase more bots.

It is generally recommended for small companies in need of less bots to get the Community edition, but otherwise, consult UiPath for suggestions on your options and pricing.