Deploying my First Bot - questions regarding css, logs, and exception handling

Hey everyone! So I am deploying my very first robot and there are a few things I am unsure of.

First, I used uipath form activities to prompt the user for parameters, and I used a local css file to style the forms as is recommended in the UiPath create form activity’s LocalCSSFilePath property. When I deploy this bot to orchestrator, and then assign the bot to other users so they can use the bot with UiPath Assistant on other machines, will the user be able to see the css styles? I am operating under the assumption that when the robot is deployed, the css file is deployed as well and the robot can still use the css file. It is located in the project folder and that is the path that I used, but it is an absolute path because I did not see a way to use relative paths for this property. Should I be using the absolute path of where the robot package is deployed to in orchestrator? If so, where is this located and how can I access this? Can I use the relative path for this property?

Also, my bot can sometimes take a long time to run, depending on the number of parameters that the user selects upon launching the process. Sometimes the internet connection may lapse, or the vpn may become disconnected for whatever reason unrelated to bot performance. Since it takes so long for the robot to perform the task, it is not desirable to start the robot over from scratch. Is there a way to access the data from the previous launch, so the robot can pick up where it left off? How can I access the log from the previous time the robot was launched to check if the process was successfully completed, and if not successful, how can I access the parameters that the user input on the previous launch from my robot so I can pass them to the robot the next time it is launched?

Lastly, my robot generates an excel file. But when the bot is launched from UiPath assistant after being deployed to orchestrator tenant, the excel file is not generated on my machine, to my knowledge. Where are the files generated by the robot stored after deployment to orchestrator and when launched by UiPath Assistant?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @Stephanie_Rimel,

  1. The official UiPath documenation explictly states the property LocalCSSFilePath has to be a local file. If you add the CSS file within the project folder it will be a part of the project. Like so:

You can then refer to it in the property. Please see the attached link below you can read how UiPath manages packages, including process assets, for the UiPath Assistant.

  1. Yes, it is possible to create complex error handling as you’re asking. You can access the execution logs here ‘%LocalAppData%\UiPath\Logs’. If you wish to go for this approach I advise you to design your process into small modules that updates the transaction item’s status as it proceeds through the process. If a module fails it will have the status of the last successful module, and if viable it can re-try from there.
    With that said, I want to inform you that UiPath has created a template, the Robotic Enterprise Framework, which helps you out with best practice process flow, error handling, logging, etc. I advise you to check out the link below.
  1. You can specify where the report is to be saved with the activity “Save Excel File As”. If you wish to save the report to the desktop you can do so by applying the following path: %USERPROFILE%*Desktop\MyReport.xls* within the “Save as file” field.


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Thank you so much this is extremely helpful! When you say the path : %USERPROFILE%Desktop \MyReport.xls does the %USERPROFILE% work to access the environment variable? Or do I need to get it another way?

The path I provided you will place the report on desktop locally.

If you want the report stored centrally you have several options for example:

  1. Save it to a file share. (F:-drive)
  2. Email
  3. Intranet (i.e SharePoint)
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