Confused about CE Robot/Orchestration deployment

Hi All. So I’ve created a workflow in dev for testing purposes, and now want to explore the Robot/Orchestration features. I see there’s a UIRobot app I can run, so I do that. It’s asking for an Orchestration URL and Machine Key.

Other forum posts say I can use “” for the orchestration. But that’s on a UIPath server. So will I be uploading my workflow there? And will the robot execute my workflow locally from there? When I create a robot there, I get a popup asking for my corporate domain credentials, which I obviously can’t supply to UIPath. What do I put there?

I’m completely confused. Can someone explain how this all works?



You can able to create a tenant on Orchestrator with your personal ID.
Add a machine in the Orchestrator.
Deploy the robot to Orchestrator.
And you can trigger the robot from Orchestrator.

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Hi @steve3886

well you need to create a robot in orchestrator and you’re not forced to fill the password field in it because it’s not mandatory.

You just need to give the name of the machine that you can find under system in control panel and the domain name which can be retrieved by typing the command whoami in command line and then go back to machines and click on view you will find a machine key this is the one you should enter in the robot tray.

see the link below


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Thank you Robot Masters. I made a lot of progress, and can see my process in the Orchestrator now. My Robot is of type development. Can you please tell me how to kick off the process from the Robot or Orchestrator? Thanks.

Hi @steve3886

well now create an environment and link your robot to it, then create a process and finally a job to run your process from orchestrator.

If you want to run your process (after publishing it of course) from UiRobot you can simply click start from the UiPath Robot tray:


Hope it helps,

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Thanks reda! That works.

Glad it worked,

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