Doubt's Regarding Uipath

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      I have Few Doubts Regarding uipath community edition 
1.Can we deploy project developed in uipath community edition to a floating robot in client machine(will it work). orchestrator necessary to run bot in client machine
3.while using GetOcrText in uipath community edition . i have shared my xaml file to one of my friend who is also having community edition of uipath. their he is facing issue like image not found in GetOcrText activity . is the problem because of community edition ! (or )will we face the same issue with the enterprise edition also !

Hi @pranay.a,

  1. yes you can create a floating bot and you can test your project in a client machine if it’s a commercial one you need to purchase license because community edition for your learning

  2. Orchestrator is not necessary to run your project in a client machine you can keep your all data in local and run but you can’t access more feature that comes with an orchestrator like Queue, Asset, Process Triggering,

  3. that is not an error it happens when you share your project with anyone you need to share .screenshot folder also that why activities can’t find your images



Thank you very much .

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One Last query,the project is related to invoice data extraction and pasting it into an excel sheet.while we who develop the project hold sample images in a folder and perform image extraction . the question is when we deploy the bot in client machine .does client should also have the same folder/location of all jpg’s to extract data from all his invoices . how does this process work .please clarify

Hi @pranay.a,

what i have understood you extract invoice data from a image. if yes you need to have a common place to keep, like server storage then you can add your new invoices into and if there any new invoice pending bot can access that storage (called Hot folder) take image and do the process and archive the image in a separate location or different folder in the same location


Thank’s for your time @SamanGuruge

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Which type of robot Should we have to use in order to deploy in client machine located some where else .initially we are not using orchestrator as of now .

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