Orchestrator unattended robot

I am working on a project for myself and I’m using an UiPath Community License. What is the best way to deploy an unattended robot in Orchestrator, that starts everyday, does some data scraping on the web and inputs the data into a custom software made in Visual Studio?

I’ve read that AWS could be a good solution but It’s kind of difficult and I also had difficulties to operate in the software when I’m not logged into the EC instance because the GUI is disabled.

Is there another way to do this? Or what is the best approach to do deploy this project?

Hi @Robert_K ,

Sorry I don not understand,Are you asking how to deploy or publish process to Orchestrator or you have to create new process and you are asking the steps to achieve that ?

Can you please be more specific what you really want to do so that i can try to help you ?


I know how to deploy a process to Orchestrator. I don’t know what’s the best approach to make it work autonomous on a machine

HI @Robert_K ,

You can create unattended robot in 2 ways. Depending on the type of folder you are using - classic folder or modern folder, you can create this either using standard machine option or by creating a machine template.


Use uipathstudio.msi installer and install unattended robot. It will do the work.