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Hi All,
i want to install the published work in client server,
i installed UIRobot.exe , if i want the same to run in client location or other system how is it possible?
other than orchestrator is it possible?
please do needful.
Thanks & regards
vinod sagar


Hey @vinod_sagar

I believe you can manually move your published workflow (.nupkg) to path ‘ProgramData/UiPath/Packages’ of your production server, that’s from where your UiRobot comes to know that there is a package available to run (Only if not connected to orchestrator).

In this case, You have to click on the Download Icon available next to the Project Name under UiRobot system tray (for every new version you published for your project here).

Note: Its based on the observation from CE, Not sure if the path would be same for UiRobot in this case. Nothing wrong in giving it a try.

Rammohan B.


@Rammohan91 thank you genius… RPA Master…


Ha ha. Have a long way to go. :smile: Thank you. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.


Hi RamMohan,
I want to run published work in another system , which has no uipath studio installed.
System 1 - Has Uipath studio and Publish workflow created, that published work(Ex: 123456.nupkg) is available in ‘ProgramData/UiPath/Packages’ path, same will be available in uipath Robot. without orchestrator it will work.

System 2 : Has no uipath studio installed, i want to run published work(Ex: 123456.nupkg) in system -2, will it be able to run ?
please help me .
any other solution if no?

Thanks & Regards
Vinod Sagar


I believe that to run your published workflow from any system you need to have UiRobot installed.

If you are using community edition than this installs Studio & Robot both. I believe if you have Enterprise Edition than you have the ability to choose UiRobot seperately. Those are like front office robot for which you may need license to run.

You mentioned in the thread that you have robot installed in your production system without orchestrator, i am assuming that you already have a attended(for) license.

Rammohan B.


i am using community edition , not a licensed one.
how can i go further?
please do need @Rammohan91.

Thanks once again


@vinod_sagar So in that case, you have to install your CE in the system where you want it to run. Move your .nupkg to the path mentioned above. You will see that package in your system tray.

Rammohan B.


Thank you very much…@Rammohan