Deployment of UiPath Robots



Anybody did any deployment of UiPath Robots in a Clean User Machine
I have my UiPath Studio and published to UiPath Orchestrator and works fine with my machine

but i need to push to the end user machine which is plain new machine, What needs to be installed ( UiPath Runtime ) and then integrate with Orchestrator and the user machine?
Any help is appreciated


@badita are you able to share the User Guide documentation for setting up deploying robots?

In summary these are the steps:

  1. Install UiPath Studio on the new machine (at present you do need a full UiPath Studio installation in order to get the UiRobot service running on that machine)
  2. Provision the robot machine by taking the robot key from orchestrator and entering it into the Robot Configuration panel and also the Configuration URL which you will find in the Admin section of Orchestrator
  3. Publish your process unless you just want to use your existing process
  4. Create an Environment
  5. Create a release of your process on that environment
  6. Start job



Yes Richard, Thanks this done, and it works with your step , and we used same UiPath Studio installer and registered with Bot Key as recommended by UiPath


It is here:

@trajkumar1904 you can not access that section with a gmail address.




@badita please provide access to enterprise documents


Below covers the steps to deploy a bot


It is here:

Hi Badita,

When i am trying to click this link its saying you do not have access even i have logged in from my corporate mail can you please check and provide access

Thank you.