Delay Workflow While Process is loading

I am quite new to UiPath.

I am working on a workflow which uses SAP to perform various acitivities.
As part of the workflow we run a few different transaction codes. Running each transaction code there is a startup/loading/initialization time of the transaction code, where SAP is loading data and cannot be used.

Until now, I have used the Delay-Activity to delay for a fixed amount of time.
But like starting different programs/pieces of software from time to time requires different startup loading times, so do starting the transaction codes in SAP.

My question is this: is there another activity or workaround for delaying the robot while a program is non-responsive or while it is loading?

Otherwise, having to use the Delay-activity this should be set up to handle the worst case, which would mean unnecessary idle time in the workflow in most cases.

Thanks in advance.

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You can use Element Exists/Image Exists inside a Do While loop to wait until a element/image appears on the screen.

Here’s an example:
example_Element-Image Exists.xaml (13.6 KB)

Hope It Helps!


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Hi @andershs. There are several ways of approaching this based on how the application works, if there is an element that appears once processing is finished that isn’t there before, you can use the Find Element activity. This activity waits for the element to appear on screen and once it does it continues execution.

The inverse to this is the Wait Element Vanish activity, which is useful if there is an element on screen that indicates that processing is taking place and disappears once processing has completed.

If neither of those works for you, @Lucas.Pimenta’s suggestion is another alternative:


Hi Lucas and JMP

Perfect. Thank you very much for your answers. This sounds like exactly what I need. I will try this.

Your quick answers are much appreciated.

Have a nice day (evening in Denmark).



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Thank you Lucas,
This is the ultimate solution ! I was looking for something that is 100% reliable and this loop just does it !


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