Working with unresponsive loading time

how to handle unreponsive loading time in my case i am not sure how much it will take time to post invoice it depends on transactions some time it take 2 mins some times 4 like that could anyone help me how to figure this issue.

what is the event you wait for when your transaction completes?


I wait for this to be completed it depends on how much orders are in que need to do it responsively
can you guide

Might be Element Appear can help and max run for this activity can be set as 10 mins. After 10 mins, if not found, execution will throw error.

@goharmalik Refer below link and download progressbar.xaml

Selector for Internet Explorer pop up "Save As" not finding the element when running "Wait for Element Vanish"

can you send me a workflow wo that it can be helpful for me if its completes with in 5 minutes will the next step be executed or it will wait for whole 10 mins?

It will execute next activity as soon as element is found within 10 mins.

Plz try as mentioned here:

great can you send me a short work flow? will it be in do while activity ?

I am travelling, so can’t send the code up to next 4 days. Post that I can send it.
You can use it with/without do while.

i will wait for it @prashant015 as soon as you are back do send meanwhile i will try with other activities