SAP considered loaded when it isn't yet

I start a process of SAP Logon.
The next step from me would be checking the existence of the log in button.

I use ‘Start Process’ activity and then I put ‘Find Element’ to wait for the button to be loaded. The problem is that UiPath thinks it’s loaded when the SAP is on its loading screen yet. I also tried to check the ‘WaitVisible’ and ‘WaitActive’ buttons but it sometimes work, sometimes doesn’t.

How should I do it properly? The general idea is to run the SAP, wait for it to load and then perform some steps like log in or selecting the right connection and so on.

Hey, Use a Find image Activity and indicate the image as visual element that tell us the page or app is done loading or ready.

Yeah images are a way out, but I would like to understand how to do it properly without images :slight_smile: