Any suggestions?

hi, when am doing the copy & paste activities(ctrl C & ctrl V)…its taking long time Even 2 times reinstalled the studio app ,Even also it’s coming same issue ,Any suggestions for this issue??

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HI @Sharan_Angadi

What are your trying to copy paste and it would be better if you share more details


copy/pasting any kind activity(example:- excel, queue, sap…etc etc etc) in UiPath(sequence), its taking delay to respond

Okay So you are trying to say like if you drag and drop the activities the studio is taking time to respond like it is being hanged something like this ?

Correct me if Iam wrong? @Sharan_Angadi

nono, after drag & drop the any activity,

if i need to same above activity for reuse we will do just copy/paste right?

that time its taking screen hanging or delay in response

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