I want to create users for an app by retrieving data from a excel file but when any user is present for that app with the same name of data then robot throw the error “User already exists” so i want to put condition like…
If user with same name present than put “cancel” and continue with “New User” otherwise directly come to “New User”

How Can i do it…??
ThankYou in advance !

Hi @kishu_parashar

For that firstly how can you access the data in that app?

If you can access the data of that app you are already reading the excel, you can match them in if condition.

Or else when you enter existing user in app and app gives you text or popup warning that user already exists then you can use Text Exists or Image Exists or Element Exists and accordingly deal with it.


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Hello @PrankurJoshi
Okay will try with Image or Element exists !

ThankYou so much !

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