Update when starting Excel

When the robot start excel I get the question to update connections, but i don’t get the message all the time. I use the element exist and connect it to a variable. Then I use If control with the Condition variable = True

If true it should click update and if not (equal to element does not exist) it should do nothing but work further.

This does not work. Any suggestions to what is wrong?


Have you tried with “Image Exists”? Give a shot and see if works.


I read that it was recommended to use “element exist” insted? What would the different be?

Yes. The recommended is to use “Element Exists” for a stable check. But if is not working why not try with “Image Exists” just to see if works?

Anyway, if you want to use “Element Exists” instead, share with us the Selector to verify why is not working with “Element Exists”.