If conditions - created users account on Saagie from an excel file

Hi everybody,

I got a problem in my script. I want to put an if condition.

I got an application called saagie and an excel file.

With the script i succeed to create users account in saagie but i want to say in my script if the user account exists goes on the script and create others account from the excel file which are not created yet.

Could you please help me to modify my xaml script ?

Thansk a lot everybody and excuse me for my english.

creercomptesaagie6.7z (4.5 KB)

With respect to your code , i have understand that you have a webpage where u login and create a user , the user details are taken from an excel and if a user is been already created then we have to go for the next user creation,

Need to know:

  1. if we re attempt the same person , will there be any pop up displayed stating that the user is already created ?
    if yes, you can give a element exist activity and give the pop up’s selector, if the popup appears the activity gives out a true value and you can give a if condition to check the value given out and if it is true the user is already created , else new user will be created .

Note: Element exist acitivity is in classic experience, if you need to switch from modern to classic, Rightclick on Projectname from project panel > Project settings> turn off the modern experience

Hi muhamed,

First, Thank you for you answer.

Second, pop up is not mandatory but it could be beneficial. Otherwise You seem to have summed up the situation perfectly.

Unfortunately i dont know how to do it

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So shall i know how we identify a user is created or not manually?

The user account is created with the xaml file automatically and not manually

@guibs , i understand that the data come from the xaml and you are using the data to create the users,
but my question is , lets say you take a user and try to add as a new user in the website and if that user was already been added before, how will you know that manually?

There is another idea ,

Lets give a flag to each data, after completing a record , will give add the flag as ‘Processed’

To add flag create a column named ‘Flag’
when reading data, check if row(“Flag”).contains(“Processed”) , if yes give a continue activity , in the else part give the user creation sequence , at the end of the sequence add the column flag value as processed

so on next time if the record has flag as processed we can continue the next loop item

I dont want to add any column in my excel file i just want to say in the xaml if a user account is already existing in saagie continue to create with the other user account which is in the excel file.
There are many user account in my excel file in the range described in the xaml file.
How can i process this with an if conditions

Anybody can help me please ??

Hi muhamed,

Ok i solved my issue. I don’t understand why the first time it didnt work with the “Element exist” activity.

Now it’s good. in the meantime i tried with the “text exists” activity but i was on the wrong way. Now it works perfectly