If Then Else

i have a robot that creates users but first it looks if they already exist in the system, i solved that with Text Exist and now my question if text exists then Message Box if i want to Click OK i like that it selects the nexter user from the CSV list and start the process from new

have you idean how i can do it?

Place that type into the ELSE part as you will be creating user only if there is no such user…
apart from that its fine
kindly let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @erorowy


Make it in a loop and for message box you can use auto close message box with uipath package mavenick activity

with Else it is so far ok, but I would like to build now step if the user exists

you can show me how to create these loop

You can use for each loop for every user and put a condition to skip a user if not matches


Check this xaml,
UserExistsCheck.xaml (6.6 KB)

I’m getting these errors now.

Heyy @erorowy,

Create the entire steps in a sequence if the user doesn’t exist with a meaningful name, and then you can do the same as you are checking now as in the if condition, and drag the entire sequence into the else condition to do the remaining steps if the user doesn’t exists