Toggle "Continue On Exception" during debug

What was the motivation to remove the excellent feature “Break on Exceptions” from UiPath Studio?


On the new versions we have “Continue on Exception” which supposedly should do the same.


On the old versions of UiPath Studio we were able to toggle the “Break on Exceptions” during debug, I did use it a lot.

The “Continue on Exception” don’t allow us to enable/disable it during debug, so when an issue occur and we just want to skip it and move to next transaction we need to keep hitting “Continue” for a bunch of steps till the exception handling take action and finally move the process forward.

Please, bring back the possibility to toggle this option during debug time, it was a very useful feature and I have no idea why did you guys decided to remove/change it.

Thanks for the detailed feedback and usecase. Added to our backlog and will analyze how to improve this in a future version.