Option to "continue to end of process" on debug exception break?

Apologies if this has been asked before, I did have a quick search through the forum but couldn’t see my specific query.

Is there a way to almost “switch out” of debug mode once an exception has been caught and the process has paused? I know you can continue, and I saw a thread about toggling “break on exception”, but this doesn’t fit my use case.

Currently when debugging and an error is caught in a try catch, I have a quick poke around to see what the issue is, and then once I’ve identified it my options are either stop the entire debug (resulting in an unfinished queue item) or repeatedly click on continue while it cycles through every single container to follow the exception workflow. I’d really like to see a button like “continue to end” so that the workflow still ends how it’s supposed to and I can check the exception logging and emailing etc has worked correctly for that specific error. I really don’t see the use in having an exception break with the exact same error message for every container on the way out of the erroneous activity :sweat_smile:

Please let me know if there is already a way to do this! Many thanks

can you check continue on exception option for the debugging

I do still need it to pause on the initial source of the exception so i can check locals etc - is it possible to toggle the option when the debug is already running?

This is a good example from just now. I would like to be able to toggle the continue on exception option now because I know it’s a business rule exception and no longer need to be told of any exceptions.

when setting a breakpoint to the throw and turned on continue on exception you maybe find a compromise between flowing and and inspection.

Maybe turning out more of debugging support can be done with adopting the breakpoint setting (here the debugging training from academy is helpfully)

However feel free to share your feedback here with the product team. So ideas for an increased developer satisfaction can be collected there