Debugging while ignorering exceptions v.2019.10.1

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Is there an options some where in v.2019.10.1 to debug while ignorering the exceptions (Like in v.2019.4.2 under options: “Break on Exceptions”)
I have some BusinessExceptions in my workflow, that are intentional, therefore i don’t want the robot to stop when reaching these Exceptions.


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You can click on continue to proceed further.

Thanks for replying, but I know.
The thing is that then you have to click continue every time the robot hits an exception, which is not what i 'm looking for.
I’m looking for the same option as in 2019.4.2 where you can disable “break on exceptions”

@loginerror Do you know if it is something that has been disabled in the new release?

Hi @LarsFeilberg, Can you please let me know why you dont want the robot to stop when it hits an exception? During debug, it is natural that an exception is surfaced when it happens. And the ability to ignore all exceptions was more of an anti-pattern than a feature itself. From a roadmap point of view we plan on adding an Exceptions Panel that will allow users to ignore specific exceptions, when they happen. Would something like this fulfill your requirements? The option to ignore all is not something we would encourage or bring back.


Ignoring specific exceptions like all BusinessRuleExceptions would be a great feature :+1:


Yes. In many of my processes i want to debug later stages of my process. However, in order to reach these stages, the robot has to manipulate and sort data. In the manipulation and sorting of data, a lot of business exceptions can occur (sometimes thousands). Thus, I often set a breakpoint at a later stage of the robot, where the data just sorted is needed, and then debug the robot.

I hope this makes sense. Feel free to ask more in-depth questions if needed :slight_smile:


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Hi @mircea,
So now, when you have an exception occuring in a nested activity you have to click Continue X times, until you reach the TryCatch?
I think it is very strange the UiPath team removed a feature like this without leaving the users any other option.
I’m currently considering downgrading the Studio, because on some complex processes debbuging is consuming to much time.

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The removal of this feature is completely inconsiderate. My workload has increased 40-50 pct. because of this. I have to put messageboxes all over the place because else I would have to press 1000 times continue. I have a lot of businessrule exceptions that have to be handled. Now I have to use Run Mode with Messagboxes instead.

How could you remove this feature without giving any alternative?


I agree with Hans.
Removing this possibility of disabling Break on Exception was a really bad decision… Right now debugging takes much more time than before because we have to click continue everytime there’s an exception that would normally be ignored by disabling that function. Other than that there’s a problem with ‘Continue’ button dissapearing sometimes while clicking on it, and we can click ‘Stop’ button by mistake because sudddenly that’s the only button there, then it leads to abandonded cases on the queue and the fun begins… Don’t get me started on Search functionality that now works only when searching for one word…I’m dissapointed in you UiPath…

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Thank you, everyone, for your feedback. Until we ship Exceptions Panel which will give more capabilities in this area, we plan to reintroduce Break on Exceptions as a temporary solution. This will be renamed to Continue on Exception and will be a toggle-able action on the Debug view Ribbon, similar to Highlight Elements and Log Activities.

On the other issue, around search: several search improvements and fixes have been shipped in 19.10.3.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned for updates and thank you again for your invaluable feedback.


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Small Update: This is going to ship in 20.2. (February Community Release).


Hey @mircea,

is there any chance to see this button/feature/tempory solution in the next patch release for the enterprise release?


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