Debugging is not working in studio

Hi Team,

I would need your help in solving the debugging issue happening in my studio. When I debug it’s losing the focus on the activities… sometimes the execution is not stopping in breakpoint also. Please refer the below image… Blue color highlighting is not happening in my studio while debugging, it just performing the execution and not able to step into/ not able find the activity which is currently being executed by BOT in debug mode. Studio version: 2021.10.4

Please help!!


It dis highlight right. What is not working?


Hi @Anil_G … Its not highlighting in my studio… I have shared this image for reference. It was working earlier and stopped working from last week… not sure why!!

2021.10 had some defects

e.g comments:

Can you cross check on a log message activity if it will get pasued on the breakpoint?

Thanks @ppr for the suggesting the above topic. Unlinking each modern activity from repository and reuse fixed my issue…




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