Both ends execution right after start

Hey guys I need your help. As soon as I start the debugging process the Bot ends the process officially with out any error. Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:


Can you enable all Activities properties -> Continue on Error -> Enable

So that if any problem, bot will raise an error

Also share which activities are you placed


Thanks for the fast reply Ksrinu. I cant find the option in the Propertiespanel of the Activities :confused:


Can you share the screenshot of the activities you placed


It happens for different work flows

It worked perfectly fine this morning.


ContinueOnError -> False

So that if any error then it will stops

Hope this helps


thanks but I didnt help :confused:


Can you share xaml file and project.json files?

so that we can check


If will ask my Boss first. The Files are running on other PCยดs. Maybe just something in my Studio settings ?
thanks for hanging on

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I tryed my luck with a ne Bot still same Message after 0 Seconds: Exceution finished in: 00:00:00

Pls have a look:

Solved the files in the Startfolder were missing

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