Studio has stopped obeying breakpoints & execution trail setting?


This morning I’ve found Studio has decided to stop highlighting activities as it processes in debug mode (highlighting activities in studio itself via the ‘Execution Trail’ button in the debug menu
And is also no-longer stopping at break points… it just breezes right past them…
Any idea what can be done to fix it? This was working fine yesterday. I’m current running the sequence using the ‘Test Activity’ menu, but the same happens if I just click the big Debug-play button in the menu bar…

I’ve had the situation where UiPath went straight past a breakpoint and sent a letter out to a customer. :frowning: (after I had already asked for the customer name to be removed from the test data in the system)

Anyway guessing a reboot hasn’t sorted your problem out?

I’ve also had instances where the automation would stop at an activity as if there was a breakpoint there even though there clearly wasn’t. I disabled all the breakpoints and enabled to sort that one out.

same problem :
Breakpoints don’t work while using “test activity”, execution trail shows status only on the first activity. Restarted my computer, Uipath, did not help. It is not the first time that this happens, but restarts helped in the past, now they do nothing
Also while using extract datatable, “Audit:” shows test url not production url. I tried to re do the activity from scratch, didn’t help.

Using UiPath 2022.4.3 , but it seems that the issue with breakpoints and execution trails appeared a while back.