Breakpoints not always showing as the "current" one in the breakpoint list

I think I already reported this, but no success.

While debugging, when stopping on a breakpoint, Studio sometimes “highlights” or displays the name of the current breakpoint the execution has stopped in in bold letters; some other, randomly, it’s displayed the “normal” way. This happens randomly. It’s a pity that it’s not always been highlighted because, when the list is longs, it’s difficult to identify it when you want to enable or disable the breakpoint (not merely deleting it), and there’s already a MISSING functionality of doing this when right-clicking on the activity itself, as that only allows to place or delete the activity, which is a pity too, making you lose whatever condition you had on that breakpoint, etc., apart from a low-quality behaviour, as it should always work the same: if it gets highlighted, then ALWAYS highlight it when stopping on it.

Since November no one took care of replying about this. I’m still experiencing this to this date.