Dear Masters, Issue in Generate yearly report assignment

Completed Generate yearly report assignment and tested successfully and submitted both dispatcher and performer workflows. But they awarded 0/100. Pls help me in this regard. Tq

Hi @lakshminarayana_chavala
Are you login with same mail account?
And have you check status in ACME Systems after runing code?

Yes, I used same mail account for ACME systems and Uipath Academy. I verfied status in ACME Systems

@lakshminarayana_chavala I think, its evaluation issue. Are you following PDD or not.

Please check these instructions

Hi @lakshminarayana_chavala

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You need to follow below steps.

  1. You can’t reset the data before uploading assignment for evaluation.
  2. All WI5 item status should be completed.
  3. Login credentials should be same for both UiPath academy and ACME website.
  4. Don’t hard code credentials or anything directly into the process. Save the credentials either Orchestrator Assets or Windows credential manager. Remaining application URL and all write into Config file and read from there.
  5. If you followed all the above mentioned steps then record the session while executing the BOT and upload the video along with the Assignment.


All Transaction processed successfully. But it is showing like this.
I entered data in Add comment section like this :
Uploaded with ID c33649af8eea58873ea8655ce2761250

@lakshminarayana_chavala please check your hash code is incorrect or you are no able to type in work item

Yes sir, U r right, first character is missing for every hash code which is uploaded.Tq

Pls confirm one thing, In Add Comments section, whether i have to upload only Hash code or like this Uploaded with ID uploadID

@lakshminarayana_chavala In comment section you will upload only hash

@lakshminarayana_chavala (2.3 MB) (2.0 MB)

please mark solution if you get help from my side. Definitely you got

@lakshminarayana_chavala Thank you so much. Happy learning

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