Getting 0/100 from generate yearly report


I tryed to upload assignment for almost 10 times but always getting 0/100. That was the same on calculate security hash. i tryed million times calculate security and spent more time on uploading than doing the assignment. Now i cannot upload generate yearly report. Is there any detailed explanation how to upload assignment. Also is there any evaluation for my assignment. I want to know what is my mistake.

First run your code end to end and after completion do not clear the test data and upload the assignment.

Normally we receive zero if we clear data after submition of assignment.
Hope this will work

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You need to follow below steps.

  1. You can’t reset the data before uploading assignment for evaluation.

  2. All WI5 item status should be completed.

  3. Login credentials should be same for both UiPath academy and ACME website.

  4. Don’t hard code credentials or anything directly into the process. Save the credentials either Orchestrator Assets or Windows credential manager. Remaining application URL and all write into Config file and read from there.

  5. If you followed all the above mentioned steps then record the session while executing the BOT and upload the video along with the Assignment.

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