RE Framework Assignment Submission Problem

Hello Everyone,
I want to report a problem facing from last week. I continuously uploaded the assignment**(Generate Yearly Report)** in RE Frame work but always it fails to generate grade,several times I correct and made a new work flow but the problem still persists. It is a technical problem or bug I don’t know.

make sure for acme and orchestrator has logged in with same mail Id and check the status in queues it updating correct or not

All the things are working correctly but the thing is that when I upload it on academy website it always gives zero, more than 20 times I uploaded it the same thing happens.
I am sharing the screenshot too. Please have a look and suggest me the solution.

please check the both queues and acme page becuase even your flow run perfectly result is fetch from orchestrator and acme site only
so please check both

HI @Dakesh_Kumar

Please make sure you followed all below mentioned steps before submitting your assignment for evaluation.

  1. You can’t reset the data before uploading assignment for evaluation.
  2. All WI5 item status should be completed.
  3. Login credentials should be same for both Uipath academy and ACME website.
  4. Try change the browser and check it and also clear the browser cache.
  5. check the space while generating the hash code

Check out the thread


Hii Gokul,
I had done all the steps successfully and submitted the client security hash assignment.But I am facing the problem in Generate Yearly Report Assignment.

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