Hello everyone I’m trying to get first item of an item of Uipath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ClassificationResults but I do not know how to call it,

My variable name is out_ClassificationResults,
I have tried -out_ClassificationResults(0) and out_ClassificationResults.First() and out_ClassificationResults.Any()- but It said It couldn’t convert 1d array,

Can anyone help me how to get the first item of classification result and assign it to another ClassificationResults array?

Hi @hamit.dinc-ext

Can you share the screenshot of the compiler error.

Also what are the data types of the the variables used.

Uipath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ClassificationResults is the type,

Error ERROR Validation Error Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “out_ClassificationResults.First()”.
Value of type ‘UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ClassificationResult’ cannot be converted to ‘1-dimensional array of UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Results.ClassificationResult’. Framework/30_Classify.xaml


Please share the screenshots of your workflow

I’m sorry I can not share workflow due to restictions but it’s only :
Classify Document Scope and it is one of its parameters


If you are facing this issue here


then ClassificationResults(0) should solve the problem


The data type of ClassificationResults is


Do check the scope of the variable also.

Thank you for this,

Last Question how to initialize a new



Hi again,
I have solved issues and I can get the first of of it thank you for help,

I have one more question,

I’m using Classify Document Scope activity for extracting PDF files and I have 16 vendors so It gets pdfs which are more than 1 page and It tries to classify all pages like → page_1 is vendor_1 , page_2 is vendor_2 but they actally are same vendors and page_2 most of time has missing values because page_1 already is the header of this PDF and it contains header data like “name” etc,

All I want is that needs to be considered as one_page pdf.
Because whenever it finds two ClassificationResults as array then it extracts pages one by one and it makes trouble for us,

I do not know how to prevent that illogical situation?

Do you have any idea?