How to save datatable to csv with Row number of [1092288]

Since i developed the process to load (text file) into datatable, and add the column header, then want to save datatable to CSV File (using Write Range activity). But i encounter the exception error for (Row number must be between 1 and 1048576, Parameter name: cellAddressInRange). Please help to suggest the solution on this. Thank you all in advanced.

Hi @mita29 ,
Have you tried it by “write csv”

Hello @mita29 ,

It seems there was an issue with extracted text file, Do you have any sample of text file.

Also Please share, What are the activities you have used to load text file to datatable.

Thank for your comment, pls let me elaborate more per your concern.

  1. I’m using write csv activity to save data from datatable to csv file.
  2. i could read csv file to datatable with out any issue.

Hi, thank you for your reply. I’m using “write csv activity” to save datatable to csv file.
I have work-around by looping each datatable row, then append line to text file with ‘,’ delimeter. But took so long to finish the process.

Oh, I see, you can not write data to csv by “write range” , and “write csv” with loop it will take a lot of time with large data
Have you try write it to excel by “write range workbook” then convert this excel to csv


Hi @mita29 ,

Would you be able to share a sample project where this repro’es?

Hi @mita29 ,

Just checking in here to see if we can have a sample project to help us investigate this further.


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