Write to a new CSV file

Super simple, but Google wasn’t helping…

I want to output a datatable object to a CSV file. I’m using the “Write CSV” activity, but when I run my program I get the error: “Could not find a part of the path 'path\I\provided.csv”. Exception Type: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException.

It seems that “Write CSV” activities are for overwriting existing csv files, but I’m trying to create a new file… is there a different activity for this?

Hi @skarbrevik,

it seems the path you are providing is not correct to save the file. Please check the path

If you want to create a new folder and then to save the file in new folder, try using create directory activity which is available


Yeah just realized after feeling so sure that there was nothing wrong with my path… that there actually was a problem with the path… my mistake. “Write CSV” activity does in fact allow you to write to a new file. Thanks!

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