Tring to create a csv file inside For Each row activity, it is writing the csv skipping many columns. Can anyone debug this?

I need this to start from A column, while it is correctly creating a file for the first item and then going wrong in the above way. Any help will be appreciated.


Check where you are adding your data to the datatable, looks each time some blank columns are added.

Thanks for the quick response. Here is the flow

Please let me know if you find anything

From Table1 and Table2 are your merging data to Table3. From where Table3 is populated.

I am building that from table 2. Filtering the columns, as I don’t need them all.


Use OutputDataTable activity and pass Table3 in it and check the output in a write Line activity else in a message box.

Try to debug the process in debug mode, check the Table3 data in the locals tab. It looks some issue while building the datatable or filtering the existing tables.

Hey, worked with creating a new datatable for every item.
myDataTable = New System.Data.Datatable

The problem was it was appending to the same datatable on every data scraping, which was inside a loop already. So creating a fresh instance of a datatable solved the problem.

Thanks for the help.

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