Uipath DataTable (Unable to get data)

Hi, I was wondering how to get the data that I want from DataTable variable if the format is like this
Order Number: _______
Name: _____
Number: ____

I’m unable to use get row item because the format of the data is not in rows, but in columns instead

@PHS_BE if you read range excel file uncheck add headers and for each row in datatable and get the row item ,here row(0).split(“:”)(1). ToString gives the value.

@PHS_BE put a split function on the same as mentioned by above user. If you have different scenario please share the excel file for us to have a look


Hi here’s the data that I would like to do data entry for

So I would like to use excel application scope to open excel file, open browser to open microsoft forms and a loop. However, with the data being in this format, I’m unsure on how to get the data.


Have you tried with Read cell activity. And specified the range in the cell “D1”


I have used excel application to open the app, use excel file, read range for excel and now (for each excel sheet to loop the 2 worksheets), i’m super confused about how I can get the data in this format

Name: ___
Tracking Number: ___
Email: ____

Thank you guys so much :")))

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