Data table level column

Dear Forum members,

I have a large data table and based on one value i am filtering the data table and the which i got after filtering i am picking one and again filtering initial large datatable and then for second value, and appending in the same datatable. I ma doing this process untill i got even a single record.

My requirement is that when i am filtering first time then in my datatable i am adding a column “Lavel” and in this column should store 1 for all enteries which are coming from first filteration, and when the second then column should store 2 and for third time 3 and so on.

Thankx in advance

Hi @Yankit_singh
can u share some screenshots of input and output u need?


You can define a integer variable as a counter(int_counter = 0) and for each iteration you need to increment the counter by 1 (int_counter = int_counter + 1) and store this counter value under the required column.
This was for each iteration the value will be incremented and stored like 1, 2, 3…


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